International Relations and European Studies addresses issues of contemporary reality, analyzing the perspectives of its global and regional dimensions. Thus, the nature of the connections between states, the causes of war, peace issues, international cooperation and acknowledgement of international actors, namely the context of the inception process of the European Union and the crystallization of cultural heritage and European identity are some of the topics covered in lectures and seminars.
Another aspect of International Relations and European Studies is the enhanced training of students in languages ​​and new communication techniques. Skills and competences acquired upon completion of this program allows you to build a career in the fields of administration (local, regional, European or international), business, banking, integration and coordination of European projects, non-governmental, diplomacy, international lobbying etc.
In Oradea, a university center with a tradition of more than two centuries, the program of International Relations and European Studies was established in 2003 and accredited in the spring of 2008, within the Department bearing the same name and has since become one of the most effective, efficient and dynamic programs in our University. The national performance of the teaching staff, a relatively young one, has resulted in the grade received for the activity of research– the first place on the national level in the National Exercise of Research Assessment - NERA, the Excellence Award received from the European Institute of Romania and the Grand Trophy of the Education Section won at the Gala of European Values Multipliers in Northern Transylvania.
During the three years, students from Oradea are given the opportunity to get Erasmus scholarships - that contribute to the completion of the professional training - or placement - to the improvement of their practical skills in over 60 universities from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, UK, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary. Practical training is completed by attending specialized training courses taking place in various local institutions whose activities are compatible with the field of International Relations and European Studies (Bihor County Council, Oradea City Council, Oradea City Hall, Oradea Metropolitan Area Association, Oradea Local Council of SMEs, Center of Information and European Consulting and so on). There is a field trip organized annually, including a visit to the main regional, national and European institutions involved in the integration process of Romania into the EU, namely in the international bodies and organizations.

Curriculum (in romanian)

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