European Studies (in English language) programme aims to analyse the national and transnational developments on the European continent seen as a whole and its mission is the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training of future specialists in the field of European studies in order for them to develop the capacity to understand and communicate with people belonging to different cultural environments, to lead and organize international teams, to develop abilities in managing the relations with partners and mass media against the European background.

The general competences the European Studies master programme offers are: communication skills in English in the field of European studies, knowledge of concepts, approaches, theories, models and advanced methods in this field, knowledge of theories and models by means of interdisciplinary approach, acquiring knowledge regarding the common cultural patrimony and civilization by understanding the traditions of Central and Eastern Europe seen as a part of common European history, knowledge of Romania’s contribution to European culture, acquiring the capacity to identify and process information regarding the specific activities, processes and phenomena in the field of European Studies, the capacity of intercultural, interpersonal and high level public mediation, acquiring knowledge to interpret specific phenomena, processes and models in European Studies in order to be able to elaborate alternative decisions, acquiring the capacity to interpret European dynamics and assess the results, acquiring the capacity to integrate and adapt to the professional requirements of the European institutions and organizations and to teamwork.

In Oradea, with a two-century old university, the master programme is run by the Department of International Relations and European Studies that has become one of the most efficient, dynamic and well performing departments in the University. The teachers’ performance at national level is expressed by the qualification the relatively young staff has received for the research activity – first place at national level in the National Research Assessment Exercise, the Award of Excellence received from the European Institute in Romania, and the Great Trophy in the Education Section won at the Gala of European Value Multipliers of the North Transylvania.

European Studies master graduates can be employed as accessing European structural and cohesion funds expert (242213) or specialist in public administration (242204) in local and regional administrations, NGOs, mass-media, communication departments in Small and Medium Enterprises, transnational companies, European institutions and consulting companies.

Curriculum (in romanian)

Version valid since the 2021-2022 academic year
Version valid since the 2020-2021 academic year