Secure your future in the EU with us!

We are offering the most versatile bachelor and master's degree specializations from the University of Oradea. Find out more.

Europe, Asia or America?

You have access to multicultural experiences in and out of Europe through Erasmus+ scholarships! Find out what scholarships you can access through RISEOradea!

Conferences, field trips, simulations.

All are centered around the student. Be one of them!


What can I study?

Our offer includes undergraduate (bachelor) and postgraduate (masters) level degrees, both in Romanian and English. Check them out.

How to apply?

Depending on what you want to study and where you're from, different steps may be required. Prepare your admission dossier in time.

When can I apply?

July is the month in which the admission takes place at RISEOradea. Check out the calendar to make sure you're ready every step of the way.

What will I learn?

You will get an understanding of the theory, history and current status of the international climate, you'll get a deep dive into EU mechanisms,  and pick up digital, language and project management abilities along the way, among other. Check out our course subjects.

What opportunities do I have?

Through Erasmus scholarships, you can study abroad in one of the many universities from the EU and elsewhere that we have partnered with. We collaborate with multinational companies and public institutions to give you hands on experience.

What can I become?

From the local to the international level, from diplomacy to the business environment, a wide array of job opportunities are available to you, upon graduation. Check them out.