As a student in international relations, regardless of the major or level of study, you get access to some of the most versatile specializations from the University of Oradea.

Bachelor's degree

International Relations and European Studies

You will focus on contemporary reality. As a student in Oradea, you access a multidisciplinary program with easy access to the labour market.

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International Relations and European Studies (in English)

University studies on the European Union, politics, economics, communication, and much more. Everything in English. Fit for international students.

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Security Studies

Versatile training as a student with diverse training in security issues, both at a politico-military and at an economic level.

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Regional Development and Institutional Communication in the EU

A master’s specialization in Oradea focused on regional development, European funding, public administration. Fit for current and future professionals. find out more

European Studies (in English)

You understand more about how the European Union functions while developing your language skills. Fit for international students

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European Security

NATO experts share their knowledge on international security. Focus on politico-military aspects.

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