The MA Programme in European Security addresses the graduates who would like to specialize and to further develop a professional career in the area of international relations and security studies. By security studies the scientific community and the experts within the field understand an ensemble of dedicated courses which will develop specific abilities, competencies and qualifications: the ability to evaluate security risks based on a rigorous methodology of information, research and analysis; the ability to formulate scenarios on security threats and vulnerabilities in particular contexts and cases (international, regional and national security, societal security, business security, information security, organizational security etc.); the ability to propose and implement enhanced security projects/programmes in particular contexts and cases; the ability to theoretically and empirically fundament various dimensions of security, within scientific research undergoing, which can be further explored within a doctoral research programme.

The area of security studies, highly interdisciplinary, promotes performance in the security area on specialized niches for graduates of International Relations, of Military Studies just as it does for economists, computer specialists, sociologists or engineers. The main characteristic of the MA Programme in Security Studies is the approach, which is both pragmatic and applied, of the knowledge and competencies within the field, the courses offered being mainly approached from the management perspective.

An important feature of the MA Programme in Security Studies is the whole series of advantages for the future graduate. Beyond the teaching and scientific rigours, our MA students can get involved in research programmes, participate in national and international conferences, be part of applied drills etc. During the two years of the programme, the MA students will permanently be evaluated and, depending upon their performance, will be recommended for various positions in their specialised field. At the same time, the relationship with their academic instructors may lead to other opportunities for the MA students to be integrated in various security structures.

Curriculum (in romanian)

Version valid since the 2021-2022 academic year
Version valid since the 2020-2021 academic year